Should staff be absent, please call:

Teaching Staff

  • The Staff Absence line 01622 623914 (here you can leave details of cover work set, or tasks allocated on the VLE for your class to complete in your absence) As early as possible but before 8am
  • The Headteacher on the mobile number stated on your sickness & absence card (Between 7.30 and 8 am)

Work can be sent by email, setting work in the VLE or by voice message.

Click here to access the shared cover folders on MGS VLE

Support Staff

  • The Headteacher on the mobile number stated on your sickness & absence card (Between 7.30 and 8 am)

Please discuss absences in excess of five days with the School at your earliest convenience.

If you plan to be absent for any reason, you must complete the pink (teaching staff) or yellow (support staff) forms available from the Staff Common Room or Bursary as appropriate. These forms should be countersigned by your Head of Department/Line Manager.  If the absence is for private or confidential reasons, you should see the Headteacher before putting in your form.  You must set work for all classes missed during the planned absence and pass it to the Teacher Support Department.

  •  Teaching staff should pass their absence slip to the Headteacher’s PA.
  •  Support staff should complete the yellow leave-of-absence form and once countersigned by their line manager, pass it to the Headteacher’s PA.
  • When the Headteacher has approved your request you will receive a confirmation slip.

For INSET courses, you should also fill in a green application form with the pink slip and hand it to Deputy Head. The request for external Inset courses should directly relate to departmental or individual performance management targets. You must not book courses directly yourself. Permission must be given via the Green Form and then the School Bursary will book the course.

With unexpected absence because of illness, you must telephone the school on 01622 692179 as early as possible and before 8.00 am and leave a message. Please include your name, reason for absence, whether you will be away all day and details of work for your classes.  If possible we would prefer you to e-mail your work to, as well as leave a message on the answer phone about the absence, however, if this is not possible leave cover details on the answer phone.  It is important that you call the school each morning of absence, unless we already know the duration of the absence.  You are also required to contact the Headteacher on the mobile number stated on your staff absence card between 7.30 and 8 am.

For an absence of seven days, including weekends, you will need a doctor’s certificate.  For all absences you must complete a ‘Sickness Return Form’ which will be placed in your pigeonhole or emailed to you.  Teachers’ Pay and Conditions provides teachers with Statutory Sick Pay for six months, after which staff should obtain the green and white form obtainable from DSS.  For all unplanned absences members of staff will have a return to work meeting with the Headteacher. Please see the Headteacher first thing on your first day back in school for this.