Welcome to the Co-curricular section of our website. This section provides a comprehensive overview of our extracurricular programmes that cater to the holistic development of our students.

Our co-curricular activities are designed to complement the academic curriculum, providing students with opportunities to explore their interests and talents beyond the classroom. We offer a range of programmes, including the Combined Cadet Force, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, art, drama, music, and sport. These activities are carefully planned and delivered to help students develop their teamwork, leadership, communication, and other life skills.

We are particularly proud of our Extended Learning Week, which is a week-long event that offers a variety of workshops, trips, and activities that support students’ academic studies. We find that it is a fantastic way to enhance our students’ learning and enrich their experiences outside the classroom.

We strive to ensure that our school provides a well-rounded education to our students through our commitment to a comprehensive co-curricular programme. We recognise that our co-curricular programmes are not only an integral part of our school’s culture but also contribute to this aim. Our programmes are consistently reviewed and improved to ensure that they meet the needs and interests of our students.

We invite you to explore this section of our website to learn more about our co-curricular activities and how they contribute to the development of our students.