Our Learning to Learn course is a unique feature of our curriculum.

This course intends to give all Year 7 students a foundation which will support them to develop effective study skills and revision techniques throughout their school career and which will help them to fulfil their academic potential including in:

  • Cross curricular continuous assessments
  • Cross curricular Year 7 exams
  • Public exams (GCSEs and A Levels)

The first unit of the course, ‘Preparing to Learn’ introduces basic skills such as effective time management and how to use the school library.

The second unit of the course, ‘How We Learn’ looks at the way our brains go about learning new things. This leads on to the third unit of the course which focuses on ‘Learning and Revision Techniques’ and it is this aspect which is really at the heart of the course. Students learn how to use key study and revision techniques in their Learning to Learn lessons and then find opportunities to use these techniques in their subjects. This gives all the Maidstonians in Year 7 a foundation in the types of revision techniques they need to develop further as they move up through the school.

In the final unit of the course, ‘Research Skills’ Maidstonians learn relevant research methods and undertake a project where they put into practice the skills they’ve learned.

There is one Learning to Learn lesson per fortnight.