“The PE department at Maidstone Grammar School is dedicated to improving the ‘Physical Literacy’ of all our students, at all levels, allowing the young people of today to be able to access Sport and Physical Activity for the rest of their lives”.

The aim above is achieved through offering a broad range of activities that build upon fundamental movement skills that are taught in KS2 so that students can excel in various forms of physical activity by the time they leave Maidstone Grammar School.

As a department we place a huge emphasis on developing professional working relationships with our students ensuring physical, technical, tactical and social development. Our methodolgy is based off of the three pillars of PE, meaning students gain a well rounded experience in Physical Activity focussing on physical competence, rules and strategies and healthy participation. The impact of this approach is that our students continue to engage in Sport and Physical Activity well after they leave MGS and have the competence and knowledge to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.


“To continuously develop the physical literacy and holistic well-being of all our students, to ensure competence and confidence at all levels, through a wide variety of opportunities in Physical Education and Sport.”​

Physical literacy – “The motivation, confidence, physical competence, understanding and knowledge to maintain physical activity at an individually appropriate level, throughout life.” ​

For those students who wish to study Physical Education as an academic subject we provide GCSE and A-Level. The intent of both these course is as follows;

  • To nurture and develop a love of learning for physical activity and the concepts surrounding it.​
  • To inspire students to pursue avenues involving physical activity and sport​.
  • Using the specification, we aim to highlight contemporary issues surrounding sport and physical activity as well as developing the understanding of anatomy and physiology within sport and physical activity​.
  • To develop a range of core and advanced skills within a variety of sporting activities​
  • To encourage students to maintain an interest and curiosity for further education with Physical Education.

The documents linked below outline how we have sequenced knowledge and skills in each academic year:


Beyond the standard curriculum, our PE and Games department enriches student experiences through a variety of initiatives. For those students wishing to push their Games further there are competitive opportunities to compete in inter-school fixtures with local schools. Alongside this programme any student wishing to further their skills in our major games can attend training once a week.

Supporting our Core Programme we also run lunchtime clubs in Basketball, Table Tennis and Badminton throughout the academic year. Whilst those students wishing to pursue healthy active lifestyles can attend running club or use fitness facilities during lunchtimes.

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Click here to access the KS3 and KS4 PE Super Curriculum.

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Many of our students go on to study Sport Science, Sport Management and Sport Psychology degress at top Russell Group universities. We have also had students undertake work experiences in different facets of sport including sport science, strength and conditioning and coaching. Beyond further education studying PE opens up avenues across various career paths inlcuding;

  • Teaching and Coaching
  • Sport Sceince
  • Sport Medicine
  • National Governing Bodies
  • Sports Journalism
  • Sport Psyhcology
  • Data Analysis

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Key Stage 3

Over a fortnightly timetable, KS3 PE students receive:

  • 2 hours of guided learning.
  • 1 hour of homework.



Over a fortnightly timetable, KS3 Games students receive:

  • 2 hours of guided learning.

Key Stage 4

Academic PE

Qualification: GCSE Physical Education
Exam board: EDEXCEL

Over a fortnightly timetable, GCSE students receive:

  • 4 hours of guided learning.
  • 2 hours of homework.

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Core PE

Over a fortnightly timetable, students receive:

  • 2 hours of guided learning.



Over a fortnightly timetable, Games students receive:

  • 2 hours of guided learning.

Key Stage 5

Qualification: A Level PE
Exam board: AQA

Over a fortnightly timetable, A Level students receive:

  • 10 hours of guided learning.
  • 10 hours of homework.

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