The War Memorial Library is large, comfortable and fosters independent study by providing a quiet environment in the heart of the School.

The Library provides over 10,000 resources including extensive collections of non-fiction (covering the full range of academic disciplines) and fiction books, along with magazines, periodicals, DVDs and a range of online resources for academic support and enrichment.

It provides plenty of desk space, a large suite of computers and printing facilities. Sixth-Formers use the Library throughout the School day, whilst before morning registration, at breaktime and at lunchtime it is popular with younger boys, who come to borrow books, read quietly or do their homework.

New boys joining the School in Year 7 are introduced to the Library at the earliest opportunity with their Library induction session taking place during their first Learning to Learn lessons. During this induction they also set their Fourteen by 14 Reading Challenge. A Library induction session is also held at the start of Year 12.

All boys may borrow up to two items from the Library at one time, with extra loans for the Sixth Form at the Librarian’s discretion. Maidstonians are welcome to suggest books which they would like the Library to acquire or which they feel others would enjoy.

The Library is staffed by three specialist librarians who manage the collection and teach study skills. Our qualified librarians provide tutorials to support Maidstonians’ independent learning and ensure that they are able to search, manage and analyse information confidently. Our librarians also run an after-school club that is open to students from all years for silent, independent study.

Reading with fluency is the foundation upon which Maidstonians build their learning habits and a life-long passion for learning. Our librarians are keen to support boys in finding something that they will enjoy and our Library collection is always growing and is tailored to encourage the boys to read for pleasure, read to learn, read for advancement and read to expand horizons. Our librarians work closely with Maidstonians and help them manage their Fourteen by 14 Reading Passports.

Our collection also provides many of our Super Curriculum materials, which aims to broaden and deepen Maidstonians’ academic interests, challenging them to move beyond the syllabus. This is particularly useful for Sixth-Formers preparing for university interviews.

Our careers section is up-to-date and extensive, with advice and information on university courses, gap years and the world of work.

Many Maidstonians get directly involved in the Library by becoming a student librarian. They work closely with the librarians, volunteering for breaktime and lunchtime shifts on the circulation desk, assisting users, writing book reviews, and shelving books. Our student librarians are given real responsibility and the opportunity to develop skills such as communication, customer service and organisation.

The War Memorial Library is open from 8.30am until 4.30pm Mondays to Thursdays and 8.30am until 4pm on Fridays.