Extended Learning Week is a unique feature of our curriculum. It gives all Maidstonians the opportunity to extend and develop their knowledge, skills, cultural and social experiences outside of what is normally covered in the classroom.

Each year, in Term 6, Maidstonians in Years 7 – 9 participate in a week long programme of activities aimed at extending their cultural and social experiences. Virtually every member of staff is also involved. There are approximately thirty activities including trips at home and abroad provided each year.

Extended Learning Week is for all Maidstonians, no matter their interest or passion. Click the booklets below to read about what opportunities have been provided for past Extended Learning Weeks.

Extended Learning Week Booklets

  • Extended Learning Week Booklet 2022
  • Extended Learning Week Booklet 2020 (Cancelled due to covid)
  • Extended Learning Week Booklet 2019 (Cancelled due to covid)
  • Extended Learning Week Booklet 2018