Maidstone Grammar School is like an extended but close-knit family.

Our aims are also the same as every family’s: to keep our children and young people safe, to meet their needs, to build ties and bonds within the wider community, and to support them in times of challenge and adversity. This includes developing morals and fostering patience, humility, courage, ambition, drive and enthusiasm. We respect individuals and individuality, but we share common goals, beliefs and values, irrespective of age, gender or background.

We encourage Maidstonians to be interesting and interested, aspirational and inspirational. Our vision and ethos promotes their academic achievement, encourages them to find pleasure in life-long learning and supports them to grow into well-rounded, grounded and sound young men and women. My staff and I want our students to become young people to whom we will look up, an adult we will want to say we taught – and of whom we are proud.

We look forward to our future, but we value our past and particularly our traditions, believing they provide a solid and stable foundation for the whole school. We believe that forming strong and lasting relationships is the basis of a successful and fulfilling school life and is one of our greatest strengths. No young person learns effectively unless he or she feels safe, secure and happy. Maidstone Grammar School is a caring and supportive school and we address the individual needs of every student. As such, we work together to develop self-respect, self-discipline and self-understanding.

Finally, we hope that a student’s time at MGS will be remembered fondly and that he or she will have achieved their academic potential, formed strong friendships and leave as a confident, self-assured, mature, responsible, capable young adult with a strong work ethic and better prepared to go out into an ever-changing world. This is really the best measure of any school and my staff and I work to ensure that Maidstone Grammar School measures up.

Mr M Tomkins BSc NPQH