VLE (Virtual Learning Environment)

This is an extension of our classrooms beyond school. It is cloud based using Office 365.  it provides:

  • Staff & Student Email
  • Class & Subject groups
  • Subject resources
  • Notice boards
  • Homework
  • Extra Curricular Groups (e.g. CCF pages)
  • Online access to Office 365 Apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook etc.
  • Download Office 365 to up to five home computers/tablets or smart phones
  • 1Tb of online file storage accessible from any internet connected device (in school or out)
  • Upload of completed homework
  • School News
  • Calendar
  • School/Subject Documents

Students login using their email address as they would in school. This is their personal account and MUST NOT be shared with others.

Password reset is currently available ONLY when in school.

Parents DO NOT have accounts to enable them to login to the VLE/Office 365